13th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management

XXIII Congreso de Ingeniería de Organización

Gijón, 11th-12th July 2019

Doctoral Call for Papers

Submissions and paper preparation guidelines

Participants in the doctoral symposium are subject to the same rules and evaluation criteria as those submitting to the general call for papers. All their submissions are eligible as one of the top papers of the conference to be published in the conference journals (CEJOR, DyO, IJPME, LNMIE, EBL, AA). If this threshold is not reached, they will be published in the conference proceedings together with the rest of accepted papers of the conference.

In addition, participants of the doctoral symposium are the only candidates eligible for CIO2019 best PhD paper award, which involves:

  • The publication of that submission at least [*] in LNMIE, Springer.
  • A mention and a diploma to be delivered during CIO2019 gala dinner.

[*] if the quality of the paper fulfills the criteria to be published in one of the conference journals, the author(s) will be asked about their preference.

Requirements to participate in the doctoral symposium and the CIO2019 best PhD paper award:

  • The PhD student is the first author of the paper. The paper can be co-authored by the PhD advisor (s) or other co-authors.
  • The manuscript presented to the CIO2019 conference is part of the PhD project.
  • The PhD dissertation has not been defended yet.
  • The topic of the PhD project and the associated submission is relevant to the CIO2019 conference topics.
  • The manuscript has been accepted.
  • The PhD student has registered in the conference and attends the doctoral symposium.

Submissions to the doctoral symposium should contain the following documents (in English):

1. Manuscript: (full paper): 8 pages as a maximum, they should follow the formatting instructions of the general call for papers. Word templates.

2. Recommendation Letter: to be signed by the PhD advisor(s) and including the following information:

  • Name and status of the PhD student (first year, second year, etc.).
  • Name (s) of the PhD advisor(s).
  • An assessment of the current status of the PhD.
  • A short paragraph justifying how the manuscript submitted to the conference is related to the overall PhD project.

NOTICE: Submission process phase 1 (blinded review), the recommendation letter must not include any personal data such as name of the author (PhD student) or PhD supervisor. To simplify the submission process, the recommendation letter must be included at the end of the paper, all in the same document. Recommendation letter will not be considered as part of the 8 pages limit.

Please check the doctoral symposium case (PhD track) when submitting your paper through the CIO2019 Conference Management System.

For the paper submission, click on the following link:



For any question contact cio2019@uniovi.es (subject: DocSym), CC: mverdecho@omp.upv.es